From initial consultation to delivery, the portrait process generally takes between three and nine months, but varies depending on the complexity of the project. Here is a brief outline of the typical process:

  • Initial Consultation: After the initial contact by phone or email I will be able to meet with you to discuss your expectations for the portrait. If you are unable to meet with me a customized presentation can be prepared and sent to you when necessary. We will discuss your preferences, time frame, and budget.
  • First Sitting: I will travel to your desired location for a sitting, I can also work from a photograph that you provide when circumstances rule out a sitting.  Prior to the sitting, we will discuss the details of the project, including the overall tone of the portrait, the composition, the attire, and eventual location where the portrait will be hung. Then, the subject will be asked to pose for a certain length of time. The sittings will involve photography, sketches, color studies, and one on one communication.  The client and myself will decide on the best pose and composition for the portrait.
  • Development of the Portrait: After the sitting, I will return to my studio to continue working on the portrait.  I will communicate with you frequently throughout the process to keep you apprised of the progress as the portrait takes shape.
  • Final Sitting: Once the portrait has reached its final stages, I may require a final sitting to make color adjustments as well as any other requested changes.
  • Delivery: Once completed, your portrait is either shipped or personally delivered. I can provide valuable assistance with framing, presentation, and installation of your completed portrait.

Additional services

  • Framing: In addition to having a close working relationship with top framers around the country, I have on hand a number of frame samples made especially with portraits in mind.  From antique and period frames to contemporary classics, I can help you select the perfect portrait frame for any budget.
  • Nameplates: Nameplates or plaques identify the subject and/or artist.  Plaques range from a simple brass plate to a custom-made, hand-painted gilt wood plaque. I can guide you in selecting the appropriate plaque and wording. 
  • Presentation and Installation: Once your portrait has been completed, I can advise you on the best location for the portrait’s display, hanging devices, and lighting.
  • Artwork Care, Maintenance, & Restoration: I understand the value of archival care and that each artwork has its own specific needs.  Ask us how to prevent damage or clean and maintain your artwork. 
  • Photographic Reproductions: Photographing fine art is an art in itself. I use the finest photographers to document artworks.  Photographic reproductions are available in any size.  Clients can give these high-quality prints to family and friends. 


Fee schedule based on the figure size and complexity of the composition.  Figure sizes are:  head and shoulders, half figure, three-quarter figure, and full figure.  It is important to understand that when a price is quoted, it is for the artwork only.  Extra charges may be incurred for such items as additional figures, pets, and detailed backgrounds; my travel; framing; crating, shipping, and insurance of the finished work. We can accommodate most any budget.  Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your specific needs.